This road goes nowhere. If you're on it, stop and think about that. Then again, you never know where nowhere leads. I've been on this road and there are times when I've paused to ask directions. "You can't get there from here" is a standard reply. I ask, where should I go? The shrugs are common. "It's up to you," they often say. So I sip my cola, eat my sandwich, and think ... if you were a writer, which way would you go? Back to where you were, which is not all that compelling. If it were, you'd still be there instead of on a road to nowhere. One that isn't marked. Order another cola and check your watch. When you decide, you will be on the road to somehere else.


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Polly Martin's only assets for being mayor are obvious.

Jay Hughes, her campaign manager, has an uphill fight if he plans to get Miss Martin elected.

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It's about me!
Fairfield blog
What about you?

This is the story of a couple in search of a killer who has left nothing behind but the lifeless bodies of seven women. Nothing killed them, but they're just ... dead. Evidence suggests another victim is being targeted, but the clues are scant. Where to search? Only the gray people know, and they aren't talking.

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Bonny Turmoil is out of jail, doing witchy things to John Hill, who's been told it's his job to write her life story. It's the parts Bonny leaves out that makes the story more appealing, or more confusing. Being a witch isn't all that simple, Hilly learns. The story never gets dull even if it is unbelievable.
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A bit of a twist from my usual offerings, "My Name Is Laura" is an alternate history. It's cruel, violent, frightening and based on what we could become if we don't care about our leaders.
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