A bit more about J.M. Thompson

Iíve received, courtesy of Linda Bowers Taylor and Mabel Cooney Brockley, some more looks at the place where Thompson was born and where the Cooney family lived during the late 1950s.

Hereís more about Thompson and ďAlice,Ē according to the Vincennes Historical Society. The picture of the house didnít load Ö so we hope they fix that soon.


This house served as the parsonage for a number of Methodist ministers in Fairfield. Itís on the south end of town, across from the Aetna station. Directly behind the house is the little dwelling where Thompson was born.

David Cooney found the Thompson memorial rock a nice place to pose. The rock was last seen just north of the Brookville Lake, adjacent to the home owned by Bob and Joan Chapman, both deceased.