Various views of our bridge

Fairfield's covered bridge was about 300 feet long and it was durable. It withstood several serious floods, primarily because the town itself was never threatened. Topography and location. In any event, the bridge was to have been dismantled in the early 1970s -- and the story is rather tragic. The crew that won the right to dismantle the bridge took what they wanted -- and burned the rest.

Another similar bridge in Dunlapsville PHOTO HERE also burned at the hand of vandals, but it was still being used at the time.

Nobody was ever charged with that arson either.

We've collected many photos of the Fairfield covered bridge, and other photos appear on a number of other websites -- notably by people who just care about covered bridges.

The bridge itself was safer than it looked, and you'd need to toot your horn before entering. If somebody was coming through -- ah, room for one vehicle.

The school bus took the bridge every day, so there's that .... Sorry, no big trucks.

More about the bridge and its history is available at the Brookville Public Library.

Are there traces of the old structure? Probably, but you would need to go about halfway out in to the lake at the Fairfield Marina (Here, with high water) and go diving. You'd probably find the footings. I've been told they are visible.

Click on each bridge picture to get a larger image. These things make nice little art prints, so feel free to do that. The bridge is gone, so this is as good as it gets.

I have no idea who took these photos. I know Jim Senefeld is responsible for one of them. The drawing comes from Olivene (Cox) Hargrave. The painting of the bridge comes from Elizabeth (Davis) Ping.