Fairfielder Terry Day offers some class photos that we need help identifying.

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Top row: Pauline Conway, teacher; Eddie Hanna; unknown; Billy Wolf; Barbara Cooper; Nathan Reese

2nd row: Linda Stelle; Terry Day; Linda Miller; Floyd Norvel; unknown; Harold Whittamore; Pamela Transier; Arthur Messer

3rd row: Gary Patterson; Anna Rose Husted; Jerry Larson; Charlene Flack

4th row: Janet Cornelius; David Bonar; Cathy Smith; Ballard Browning; Diane Larson; Ronnie Kuehn; Louise Melton; Harold Klein

5th row: Elizabeth Davis; Charles Grant; Dana Sue Evans; Butch (Carl) Miller; unknown; unknown


Top row: Robert Miller; Pamela Transier; Billy Wolf; Liz Davis; Paul Moore; Irma Melton; Gary Schoonover; Pam Estridge; David Moore

2nd row: Kathy Smith; Russell ??; Janet Cornelius; Terry Day; Barbara Cooper; Arthur Messer

3rd row: Jerry Larson; Linda Stelle; Gary Ford; unknown; Bimbo Browning; Linda Denton (?); Gary Patterson

4th row: Carol Klein; Harold Whittamore; Cheryl Shepler; Dale Griffin; (?) Norvell; Paul Cooney; (?) Browning; unknown; Louise Melton

5th row: Charles Grant; Charlene Flack; Glenda Reese; Eddie Hanna; Rosemarie Hanna; Linda Griffin


Top row: Norena Key, David Moore; Norma Miller; Mike Cooney; unknown; Butch Miller; Kathy Glaub; Ray Patterson; unknown

2nd row: Gary Patterson; Linda Miller; Gary Schoonover; unknown; Kathy Smith; Tim Corbin

3rd row: Louise Melton; Charles Grant; Liz Davis; Earl Moore; Sue Evans; Nathan Reese; unknown; Joseph Miller; Carol Sue Webb

4th row: Floyd Norvel; unknown; Harold Whittamore; Charlene Flack; Harold Klein; Linda Stelle; Ballard Browning; Shirley Ford; Terry Day

5th row: Arthur Messer; David Melton; unknown; Herlon Browning (?); Eddie Hanna; Brent Shepler


Top row: Norena Key, teacher; David Moore; Barbara Cooper; Floyd Norvel; Linda Miller; Ballard Browning; Charlene Flack; Bill Edrington; Sue Evans

2nd row: Greg Skinner; Louise Melton; David Melton; Paul Moore; Linda Stelle; Harold Whittamore

3rd row: unknown; Earl Moore; Cheryl Shepler; Gary Ford; unknown; Elizabeth Davis; Gary Patterson; Carol Klein; Eddie Hanna

4th row: Robert Miller; Linda (?); Butch Miller; Kathy Smith; Harold Klein; unknown; Larry Lathery; Linda Griffin; Terry Day

5th row: Jerry Larson; Pam Estridge; Charles Grant; Janet Cornelius; Arthur Messer; Irma Melton; (?) Browning