The Day farm, plantation, estate ...

... whatever ... is where Sewell and Melissa Day moved to after living in an old creamery in Old Bath.

Iím thinking that they moved to this location in 1948 but that is a bit of a close guess.

On top of the hill is where the Kuehn family lived, now occupied by Paul and Deloris Dobbs. The plot of land you see there is what my mom and dad raised us kids on from 1948 to 1964 when my dad died of cancer.

It was five acres and the area you see that is plowed was our garden (very large) the part in the upper right of the garden area was a pig pen. The house was originally a log cabin. An addition was added to the South side for a kitchen and an upstairs was added by creating a floor for the attic.

On cold winter nights, I was afraid to go to sleep because the stove pipe from the Warm Morning stove downstairs went through the floor where I slept.

It often glowed cherry red and scared me to death!

Joe Day still owns the property. It is located approximately two miles East of Fairfield on Bath Road.

-- Terry Day

Classmates, around 1954. Click to enlarge.

Letter to Kelly Day. Click to enlarge.

Kelly on the left, me in the middle with no shirt, my dad on the right, and I have no idea who the guy is in the back.