Susan Yost Clawson writes and offers a bit more insight about Fairfield's importance to Indiana. Even when we weren't important, we were still first. But we were happy to share.

Hi, John,

I was fascinated by your article in LITTLE INDIANA because of a story connected to my home town (where I still reside), Dayton, Indiana, in Tippecanoe County.

The story goes that when the town was founded in 1829 the folks tried to get a post office under the name of Fairfield but were told that wasn't possible because there was already a post office by that name in the state.

I never knew where this "other Fairfield" was. So then another guy arrived and platted an addition to the town and offered to donate land for a school if he could name the town.

This was all agreed to and he named the town Dayton, after the largest town in the area of Ohio where he came from. And a post office could be obtained under that name. We are still here and so far, so is the post office.

I have now located your web site and the story of your town. So, even considering the similar story you report about the town in Howard County, it looks like your town might be the original Fairfield post office. Sorry to hear that the town was flooded in the 1970s, but I am fascinated to find the location of the "original" Fairfield post office.

I have started a blog about Dayton called the Dayton Indiana Daytonian:

-- Susan Yost Clawson