Who are they?

This information about the Fairfield class of 1939-40 comes from Elberta (Updike) Herman, my cousin.

Bertie confesses she may be wrong on a couple of these and would be interested in setting the record straight if she is. If you write to me, I will write to her and she can share contact information at her whim.

Jerry Larson, whose mother Reba Gant is pictured, provided the photograph.

Both Jerry and Bertie have posted on the Forum page.

-- John





First row, left to right:

Reba Gant, Doug Davis, Betty Alvey, Mary K. Thackery, Bob Chapman, Tommy Apsley, Bobby Christ, Lois Neusbaum

Second row, left to right:

Donnie Scherer, Alfred Alvey, Nedra Apsley, Alice Butcher, Wilma Apsley, Janice Stelle, Wilma Joy Beesley, Doris Sellers, Ida Jane Thackery, Elberta Updike, Eldon Ramsey, Jack Leger

Third row, left to right:

Nelson Stelle, Neal Bonar, Richard Browning, Ezra Kelly, Cecil Neusbaum, Jim Davis, Keith Becker, Bob Apsley, Miss Evelyn Fields, teacher