Thanks, Gayther

Gayther Plummer of Georgia sends us a couple of interesting looks at the edge of town.

The first is of the old redbud tree, this one facing east from the field, taken in 1953.

He writes: The tree is in demise, but it is yet fenced-in. I recall the disappointment I felt when I saw it that day because I had seen it growing vigorously on occasions for two decades. The '46 Plymouth in the picture I bought new in Feb. '47 -- the pride and joy of a GI who was treated graciously by his employer, a baker.

Click on each picture for a larger version.



The second is facing toward S.R. 101, where Gayther says is the Huber/Berg Hill.

He writes:
The snapshot was made in the bottom-land on the South side -- notice shadows. It illustrates a bit of the old road that ascended the hill, a long stretch of 101 that was cut into the hillside two decades earlier, and some high voltage lines that run across the image, but I can't decide if they are parallel with 101 -- I don't recall they did. The road-cut is clearly defined. This particular photo, in '53, illustrates familiar territory with the scrubby vegetation I knew very well in the '30s. Addison Berg's house is not in the picture but is in close proximity at the top of the hill.