I can’t remember all of houses and who lived in them. Sorry, but two things have happened: Many years and … the houses are all gone now.

Yep, I did get the gown and the diploma.


Fairfield sent 13 eighth-graders to Brookville

in the fall of 1960:

Buddy Edrington

Sonja Ramsey

Joyce Ramsey

J.T. Baker Jr.

Larry Ford

Margaret Linegar

Olivene Cox

Jerry Thackrey

Karen Paulette Wolf

Carol Powell

Barbara Jean Davis

Carol Messer

Alvin Schoonover


A lot of what I have relates directly to my family.

Mother and little Richard Davis, 1964

A bit about my dear old dad

Kenny Davis’ house. To the left, Buckleys. Across from the church. Farther left, Hazel Weston once lived. She eventually moved into Boyds’ house across from Davis.

A number of people lived here. This is across from the Banning house on Main Street. Loutzenheisers lived in the house to the left. I think Wendell Luker lived in the one to the right. The other thing is a barn. Nobody lived there.

Nelson and Blanche Stelle lived here, across the street from us and Nelson’s parents Herb and Doris. Charles and Lucille Shepler also lived here. Not “much” trouble adding on that kitchen.

I don’t think this house was in Fairfield proper. It was a pretty common site toward the end. Gut it and go.

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