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The Marshall Webb home, on the corner across from Bonars and west of Delbert Browning's home. Delbert grew tobacco in the field next to the Webb house. Delbert used to drive his tractor through town with his wife Ossy sitting on the fender.

Rounding the curve past the Webb house is another view of the school. When I first saw this photo, I felt a sense of sadness, seeing the windows all boarded-up. Too quiet, too final. Follow this street south to its end and meet up with the road that led west to the covered bridge. Oh, about a half-mile. No need to rush.


Here’s another view of the Methodist parsonage on the end of town. Notice the gas station sign across the street. My best memory of this house is the Cooney family (six kids) and the warmth that existed there. This photo was taken from the Chapman lawn.

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