Images/documents sent to me by brother Joel
(or his wife Connie). Thanks.


Norena Key, C. Ray Clark. She taught the middle grades. Very nice lady who lived across the way from us with Mrs. Jinks. Clark was from Evansville and was a stickler for things.

Joel (left), Ronnie Patterson, Ronnie Baker, Joseph Miller. Apparently the four of them had been top athletes. I was never allowed to style my hair that way.

This one with with Grandpa Martin Kunkel and Grandma May, taken at their house (I’m guessing) around 1958. I remember getting that striped shirt for Christmas. Wow!


Joel also sent me a few documents that are worth posting.

His grade school diploma

Honor roll certificate

I don’t recall this organization

And of course the standard clipping of a grade school class. This one is from Bath, around 1931. Second row, left, is Pauline Kunkel, daughter of the handsome older couple to the left and mother of the boys between them. Any other Kunkels in the photo are also kin, including Anna Marie, my mother's younger sister. Clothing worn by the kids speaks volumes of the time. Some of the boys are wearing ties; others are in overalls.