Pauline and her prized kid (that's me) at Grandma Kunkel's house in Fairfield, around 1947. The house in the background, many years later, is where we lived in the last days of Fairfield. We were living in Brookville when this photo was taken, however.

Reverend Lowe was in charge of this. I was 9. The place: Fairfield Methodist. What, no witnesses?
Well, we ALL know better, right?

June, 1969 ... draft lottery number 43 ... off to Louisville for the big physical.
On the way home, I drank 4 beers in Dale, Ind., in about 30 minutes. Unforgettable day in a most unsettled time.

I still have the draft card and my "1-Y" status, which made me technically ineligible for Vietnam.
I see Norma filled in nicely.

I think St. Mary-Margaret in Batesville offered this after I was born that cold December night, 1946. Notation: My aunt Betty and Uncle Keith gave me a fork and spoon. No other entries are in it. And I expected something else?

Christmas kids

During World War II, drivers were issued gasoline ration stamps. If you didn't need to drive, you didn't go there. Grandpa Martin Kunkel left these behind. I think fuel was a bit cheaper in 1943, even for his '37 Chevy.

Gathered outside the Kunkel home in Fairfield, probably around 1950 -- uncles Ernie Branam, Glen Curtis, Keith Reister -- and Grandpa Martin.

The women behind them

FGS graduation day pamphlet, 1960

Martin and May Kunkel, around 1965

More folks

Brother Joel (left) and me -- Christmas 1957.

Mug shots!