Thanks, Mike!

Among the most notable families in Fairfield was the Luker family.

If you know Fairfield, you know the Lukers, or some of them.

Mike Henry, whose mother Robin is the granddaughter of Burt Luker, sent me these photos, most from the early 50s. I let the captions speak for themselves.



My great grandpa JB Luker setting at his cash register. Mom remembers that he always sat on the small step ladder and never a stool. Also he had made a cash drawer that had a combination opening system on it to keep little hands from getting inside. We don't know who the child is in the picture.

My great grandma Bessie Luker in her 1938 Chevy. My mother remembers that she always loved automobiles and would blow the horn while crossing the covered bridge and never let up until she reached the other side.

Carolyn Luker on her way to a recital in Fairfield taken about 1952.

Helen-Yount-Luker and daughter Carolyn Luker taken in Fairfield about 1952

The Luker cousins in Fairfield taken about 1942 and includes left to right

Louann Luker (holding baby Larry Luker) Brent Luker, Gregory Luker, Robin Luker-Henry, Wendell Luker, Linda Beesley, and Carolyn Luker.

Melvin Luker. My mother remembers that he was a police officer in Connersville and a very nice guy. He was my grandfather's (Lowell Luker) brother. My grandfather Lowell was married to Marjorie Lewis Luker from Metamora daughter of George and Emma Lewis and lived in the Henry Pond home on the canal. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of my grandfather Lowell. I did read on the website about the Fairfield school roster including Luker. Perhaps there would be a picture there of his youth.

Fairfield restaraunt. Mom was not sure of the year or who the people are.