OK, history buffs,

Where was Fairfield?

Go to Indiana.

Go to Franklin County.

Go to Brookville.

You take S.R. 101 north out of Brookville, past the Jay Garment Factory, past the slaughter house, across the old iron bridge that spans the East Fork of the Whitewater River, follow the road around the bend, up the hill, past old SPEEDY MILLER'S farmhouse, past the Sintz farm Ö about seven miles.

You have to leave the highway. Turn left and follow the little asphalt road around, past the Brier Cemetery Ö donít forget to stop at the crest of the hill.

Youíre there.

Fairfield (unincorporated)

From the north, out of Liberty, south on S.R. 101, through Roseburg, about eight miles. Once you get to the Redbud, youíre overlooking the town.

Turn right at the Naylor farm and youíre there.

From the west, YOU MUST CROSS THE BRIDGE. Donít be afraid.

It will hold you.

From the east, nah Ö nobody comes in from the east. Thatís Ohio.

A map if you're still lost Indiana





The Fairfield Redbud

I have no real idea why it was encased in a fence or why it merited its own sign. The tree was alleged to be the oldest Redbud in Indiana. The odds of that being true are 50-50, but somebody believed it. Or, has the mystery been solved? You decide.

We used to find some nifty stickbugs on the old tree.

The tree stood a mile or so from Fairfield, at the crest of the hill that led to the valley. The treeís dead now.

Lots of things are dead now.

A tidbit about the Redbud

A view from the south edge of town, in the mid 1960s

Another look at the bridge

Today, a view from the north

Where's the sign?

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