The standing rule about dogs:

If you had one, it had to fight Brownie.

Brownie fought ’em all, finishing undefeated, with one tie. That was when my Uncle Glen came to visit and inadvertently unleashed his fat dachshund Curt onto old Brownie. It took awhile and I think Brownie might have outlasted Curt, given an opportunity. Brownie’s eventual demise is rather unsettling to me but he probably got what he deserved.

The Wests also had a dog named Brownie. We make note of it for accuracy’s sake.

We didn’t chain our dogs much in those days. Even the Miller dog, a grumpy old basset, got to wander. That dog bit me once. I bit him back.

Our dogs followed us and they were part of our lives. Everyone had cats too but nobody pretended they were children. Cats are animals.

One of the kids had a pet mouse, one he’d caught in the cellar. He kept it in a jar and called it Mickey. We called it dead.

We also had a spotted cur named Mickey, no relation to the mouse. Mickey ran away one day and didn’t return. If anybody knows what happened to that dog, fill me in.

We had two dogs named Prince, mostly because we liked the name.

Here are some pet pictures, placed here as a way of making this Website appealing to both children and animals.

This is not our dog but it came to our house one day. We could have called the dogcatcher, had there been one.

This is Loree Banning’s cat. Loree had several cats and they all had names. No, I DON’T remember them all.

This is Prince II not long before he became the real dog on the right.

This is Prince II not long after he stopped being the cute pup on the left.