Judy Cornelius Thackrey sent me these photos of the old buggy factory, Boob Thackery's gas station and Boob's house. Click on the links to see the photos.

In her words:

Just a few additions to your story. In the picture of the 6-7-8 grades in 1959-60, the girl starting the second row is Shirley Cooper, a cousin of Jims. She had a younger sister named Barbie. They lived on the south side of Fred Kleins house, up the alley from the Bowers.

The name of Willie Davis' wife was Nannie.

A couple of corrections for the story of Jerry Cornelius. (I love the story) He did not go over a bridge, he went over a hill and hit two trees. He was not still in high school, he had graduated that Spring (1963), and was working in Brookville at the Firestone Store. He was on his way home from work that evening and it was snowing. He skidded off the road. Herschel Klein was the one who found him after seeing the tire tracks.

I think we have a picture of the building you call the former buggy factory. It is the big building across the street from the town park. Jim was born in that building. The little boy in the picture is our son, James, Jr. It was taken in 1966. This is the building where Scott Carey had a pool room, and Roy Watler had a card room. Bakers had a restaurant in there, complete with a jukebox. They also had pinball machines as Jim remembers. The high score for the week won you a box of Cherry Humps candy bars.

Also will send a couple of other pictures you might like. In the picture of Boob's garage are Boob Thackrey, Ella Thackrey, and our daughter, Jana Thackrey. This would have been in 1966 also.

The picture of the house was the home of Boob and Ella Thackrey, on the corner across from Willie Davis' store.

Judy (Cornelius) Thackrey